The Upper Echelon Group LLC is proud to premiere our most comprehensive Business Credit Building Program to date. With our up-to-date, value-added strategies and service based results, you will gain up to $250,000 with 0% Business Credit  Cards for your business.

Guess what? NONE of this business credit will show up on your personal credit report! No expensive shelf-corporation required! No tax returns or income verification, and the best part: this is unsecured credit –it’s not tied to ANY assets!

Included Services:

  1. One-on-One Comprehensive Business Credit Consultation with a one of our experts! We will develop an individualized strategy to maximize the credit building process for your business.
  2. If you choose to continue with the TUEG LLC program: You will continue to receive one-on-one consultation, receive up to and over $250k, and all program services!
  3. $250k of Business Credit using 0% Credit Cards –achieving $50k-100k in the 2 – 3 weeks –on the first batch of applications! The Upper Echelon Group LLC will continue to work with you for a minimum of 2 months to increase liquid credit reserves up to and over $250,000 (optional)
  4. Get cash off your 0% Business Credit Card with little to no transfer fees! Our methods have shown to be the best and sometimes only way to get cash off a 0% purchase-only credit card. These methods of cash extraction work with any credit card at purchase rate regardless of cash advance rates (business or personal).
  5. How to remove credit inquires within 45 days (from XP/EF)! This service gives you an easy to follow step-by-step method essential to accessing ample funds via Business Credit Cards. Normally valued at $550 or more –free with us!
  6. The Upper Echelon Group will create Individual business for each client! We will match your years in business for the purpose of applying to 0% Business Credit. Additionally, we will create a complimentary entity for you: (You only pay back end fee’s).

 Funding Requirements

  • Minimum of 3 open, seasoned (at least 24 months), and primary revolving lines of credit
  • Minimum 700+ credit score
  • Bankruptcy must be over 5 years old
  • Recent late payments, judgments, liens, etc. are reviewed case by case.

We offer a pay-for-performance guaranteed solution. This is with NO upfront fees! With this expedited option, clients can begin receiving funding in as little as 15 days.

Under $1M to $500M and larger funding available for domestic and International projects. *Business Financing, *Joint Ventures, * Commercial Real Estate (Acquisition, Refinance, Development) etc

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